Portable, Secure AI-Powered Speech Recognition to Reduce Clinical Admin and Costs for NHS Trusts


Augnito from Scribetech will streamline workflows and improve patient data processes.

[London, 2 September 2021] – Clinical voice solutions specialist, Scribetech, is working with healthcare institutions across the UK to implement its new cloud-based voice AI product suite, Augnito.

The global pandemic has further highlighted the need for more efficient, device agnostic, voice-enabled healthcare products and services and an accelerated move away from legacy devices such as pagers and unsecure commercial generic voice recognition apps. Advancements in AI and voice technology mean clinicians now have access to a secure tool that can help reduce admin by up to an hour a day and save hundreds of pounds in related data entry costs.

Augnito is an evolution of Scribetech’s digital dictation and transcription services, which have been used by the NHS for 20 years. It is a portable, secure, cloud-based, AI-driven clinical speech recognition product that offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device, Windows, Mac, or smartphone, with 99% accuracy. It turns medical information into clinical documentation by automatically transcribing medical records, referrals, or patient letters at the point of dictation. Augnito also supports speciality language models including radiology, histopathology and cardiology and can recognise regional and international dialects.

The suite’s easy to integrate API product means it can be added to existing Trust’s clinical systems or used to speech-enable an EPR.  A unique kit offers healthcare technology professionals and software developers a fast, easy way to automatically integrate speech recognition and voice-driven commands and controls into their own clinical systems.

Augnito’s key features include:

  • Save up to an hour on admin work every day with at-the-cursor speech recognition
  • Integrate speech recognition into any clinical system and easily feed information back into patient records
  • Streamline workflows with useful voice commands and timesaving macros
  • Use from anywhere with desktop, mobile and in-browser access
  • Reinvest time saved into delivering the highest standards of patient care
  • Start instantly with fast setup and no voice profile training


Shiraz Austin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Scribetech, said: “The pandemic has highlighted the need for more efficient solutions in our healthcare systems. Augnito has been designed with input from doctors and AI scientists with the aim of significantly reducing clinicians’ workloads, allowing them to focus on providing the best possible care for their patients.”


For more information about Scribetech and Augnito contact [email protected].
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About Scribetech and Augnito
Scribetech (UK) Ltd is a clinical voice solutions innovator, fusing 20 years of transcription and digital dictation services to the NHS, speech-to-text and clinical coding solutions for the healthcare sector, and its own speech recognition engine and advanced voice AI technology.

For two decades, Scribetech has consistently delivered accurate, efficient, cost-effective services and technology to support clinical transcription. Now, the team has combined this experience with 8 years of research and development, including 2 million hours of input from strategists, scientists, analysts, engineers and clinicians. The result is Augnito: a secure, cloud-based and AI-driven clinical speech recognition product suite.

Augnito offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device with 99% accuracy, support for multiple medical specialties, and no need for voice profile training. It brings seamless speech recognition to daily workflows and third-party clinical systems, turning medical information into clinical documentation and making healthcare intelligence securely accessible, everywhere.

Scribetech is fully certified for the Data Security and Protection Toolkit and Cyber Essentials+. Its security, quality control and management processes are UKAS certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 for information security management.