Augnito clinical speech recognition deployments in the UK, one year on

[London, 26 September 2022] – The developers of Augnito, a secure, cloud-based and AI-driven clinical speech recognition product suite, have recorded rapid growth in their flagship solution’s first year sales results in the UK.

Augnito has recorded first year rapid sales growth in the UK for its secure and portable AI-driven clinical speech recognition (SR) technology, which offers fast, effortless ways to capture live clinical data, on any device, with 99.3% accuracy.
Augnito was launched in the UK in September 2021 with active sales taking off in the first calendar quarter of 2022, securing in excess of 150 implementations in healthcare environments across England and a number of live pilots with NHS Trusts. The uplift was driven by demand for its solution in the radiology sector, which soared as the health service deals with the backlogs in imaging and reporting created by the pandemic. Now, 12 months since launching, those Augnito pilots have turned into deployments across additional NHS Trusts and over 1000 licence sales across the country being taken up by radiologists and private hospitals through valued strategic technology partners, where Augnito API and SDK is speech-enabling clinical reporting systems and augmenting workflows to assist healthcare institutions to improve patient care across all departments.

Partnerships established this past year include Wellbeing Software, a leading supplier of specialist clinical information solutions, Cimar, a cloud-native health information medical imaging platform, and Hexarad, a UK leading teleradiology service provider.

The developers of Augnito continue to set their sights higher, aiming for sustained sales growth within the next fiscal year, determined to continue to disrupt the clinical SR healthcare market. To help drive that, the business has launched a dedicated UK channel programme looking to sign up value-added resellers and managed service providers that have a healthcare focus and the technical skills necessary to deliver IT solutions for the market.

Shiraz Austin, Co-Founder for Augnito, said: “From the outset, Augnito was built in close partnership with clinicians, using human-centred design, to create a Natural Language Processing engine to fit their needs – not the other way round. As a result, Augnito offers excellent support for a wide variety of clinical vocabulary, covering more than 30 medical specialities, and workflows and this is what has driven market interest in, and sales of, our voice-AI solution.”

“We are extremely pleased with our performance. It’s really a strong validation of our vision and product capabilities; customers are increasingly looking to alternative voice-AI driven solutions such as ours which address a number of core issues that confront those on the healthcare frontline, such as improving efficiency and accuracy, as well as optimising clinical workflows,” added Austin.

Augnito is a secure and portable AI-driven clinical SR product suite that offers fast, effortless ways to capture live clinical data, on any device. The SaaS cloud-based solution is proven to create highly accurate clinical records, improving the timing on everything from patient diagnosis to patient hospital stays in delayed transfers of care. Radiology departments have been the early adopters and pioneers of speech recognition technology to accommodate the ever-increasing levels of a wide variety of diagnostic reporting and the ever-expanding modality spectrum. Augnito now offers radiologists an improved, more efficient way to deliver their service using the benefits that voice-driven AI technology provides. In addition, and following the success of it’s first year of business in the UK, Augnito is extending its solutions offering to other medical and surgical departments across the national healthcare sector.

All Augnito products remove the need for healthcare IT teams to support the solution with additional hardware and/or software. Product application enhancements are delivered in the cloud as soon as they are ready for release, without the need to upgrade locally installed versions. This reduces dependency on IT resource teams, potential associated product downtime, delays, and costs.


About Augnito

Augnito is a secure, cloud-based, AI-driven clinical speech recognition product suite. It offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device with 99% accuracy, support for multiple medical specialties, and no need for voice profile training. Augnito brings seamless speech recognition to daily workflows and third-party clinical systems, turning medical information into clinical documentation and making healthcare intelligence securely accessible everywhere. Augnito was developed by its parent company Scribetech, a clinical voice solutions innovator, fusing 20 years of transcription and digital dictation services to the NHS, speech-to-text and clinical coding solutions for the healthcare sector, and its own speech recognition engine with advanced voice AI technology.