How speech recognition in radiology reporting is helping to modernise diagnostics

[London, 26 October 2022] Augnito cloud-based voice-AI driven speech recognition technology helps accelerate healthcare digital transformation with new levels of accuracy, productivity and efficiency.

In the context of Government targets and plans for Digital Health and Social Care across the 2021 WGLL framework and 2022 Spending Review, Trusts are under increasing pressure to modernise the way they work. Augnito’s co-founder highlights the importance of cloud hosted, flexible and future-proofed solutions to make this transformation a reality.

”When modernisation is the focal point, Trusts replace one legacy platform with another, without necessarily addressing the real needs of users. As a result, they can’t unlock the true potential of a properly integrated system,” stated Shiraz Austin, Co-Founder of Augnito. He continued: “For example in radiology, the reason modernisation is taking place now is because the way radiologists and other medical departments work, have fundamentally changed. Existing backlogs prior to 2020, radiologist shortages, and clumsy technology made change inevitable. The pandemic and the surge in remote working have accelerated this change.”

For the promised NHS funding to achieve its digital transformation objectives and, specifically in diagnostics, the stated aims of increasing efficiency, making data sharing easier, and speeding up patient treatment, Augnito developers have identified 5 fundamental requirements for radiologists:

1. Faster transcription including extremely accurate dictation directly into clinical systems
2. Time-saving automation including ways to enter repeating report text without re-typing every time or cutting and
pasting from previously filed templates
3. Solutions that are available everywhere, not just inside healthcare settings but remotely and even on the move
4. Deep integration across all clinical systems for a seamless, holistic diagnostic and patient data workflow
5. Secure report sharing to deliver improvements across the clinical reporting path

Austin added: “Speech recognition is an effective way for radiologists to work faster and smarter – without compromising accuracy. Augnito delivers significant benefits out-of-the-box, and those benefits go beyond the radiology department.”

Augnito is a next-generation cloud-hosted voice-AI driven solution that can be securely accessed from any device including desktops, tablets, smartphones and browser-based applications. Augnito can also be integrated with a wide range of clinical systems and reporting technologies using its flexible API and SDK; delivering highly accurate transcription straight into the radiologists’ reporting platform, helping them save time and easily manage backlogs and workloads.

Radiologists, can also seamlessly and quickly share reports with other medical professionals and doctors involved in the patient’s care journey. For Trusts and healthcare providers, Augnito’s cloud-hosted approach makes implementing, provisioning, and managing this new technology simple and cost-effective.

Austin concludes that this ‘cloud availability’ is key to how Augnito will help transform radiology:
“More funding is great for radiology, but it does create pressure for Trusts to rethink how they work and embed new technology. Augnito gives them the best of both worlds – not just industry leading speech recognition with unparalleled accuracy, but a holistic solution that’s deployed with no costly changes to infrastructure or ongoing maintenance and updates.”


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Notes to editors – About Augnito
Augnito is a secure, cloud-based, AI-driven clinical speech recognition product suite. It offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device with 99% accuracy, support for multiple medical specialities, and no need for voice profile training. Augnito brings seamless speech recognition to daily workflows and third-party clinical systems, turning medical information into clinical documentation and making healthcare intelligence securely accessible everywhere. Augnito was developed by its parent company, Scribetech, a clinical voice solutions innovator, fusing 20 years of transcription and digital dictation services to the NHS, speech-to-text, and clinical coding solutions for the healthcare sector, and its own speech recognition engine with advanced voice AI technology.