From GP surgeries to hospitals, across every department and discipline, the NHS continues to be in crisis. Backlogs aren’t getting smaller, digital transformation is slow, and waiting lists are perpetually increasing. Despite this, Trusts are reluctant to invest in smarter, faster, more flexible ways of working – and it’s easy to see why.

Historically, Trusts have been burned by technology that creates seemingly endless costs without delivering real, measurable value. What appears to be a cost-effective choice now can all-too-often spiral out of control and cost significantly more than expected. While initial investment or subscription fees are within the budget, the expense of implementation, training, and managing adoption undermine the promised value of the software or hardware.

These hidden costs are sadly common and, in some cases, woven into the business model of technology providers. But the true price isn’t just financial – it’s in how these costs affect patients.

What are the potential hidden costs of speech recognition?

Any on-premise technology comes with inevitable hidden costs. These unavoidable expenses may include infrastructure and IT changes, manual implementation and testing, procuring new devices, and ongoing management and maintenance costs, whether they involve your own IT teams or an external provider. Quickly, the per-user licence fee becomes just one part of your overall costs.

In theory, cloud-hosted technology should mark an end to hidden costs. However, the reality of this is largely dependent on the specifics of your chosen solution.

Frequently, cloud software will still require specific equipment. In the case of speech recognition, this could include specific microphones or headsets. Some providers also charge implementation and training fees in addition to your licensing costs. Even if a provider doesn’t charge these fees, you may need to invest in compatible hardware – many solutions are restricted to certain platforms and operating systems.

Finally, usability and intuitiveness play an important role in the cost of your solution. If a speech recognition solution is difficult to use, constantly inaccurate, and frustrating for your users, this creates a very real financial cost in terms of lost productivity, stressed medical professionals, and a negative impact on your patients. In part, these are the financial consequences of a ‘top down’ solution – one where the benefits to your users aren’t clear or desired, so onboarding and widespread adoption take months or even years.

How hidden costs affect practitioners and patients

The appeal of medical speech recognition is simple: improve the workload and daily routine of clinicians to improve the experience of patients.

The way people capture notes is a prime area for reinvention – and one where the benefits can be numerous. Manually typing reports, or waiting for slow secretarial manual transcription adds time to the patient journey. Checking transcription and retyping into clinical systems can slow this journey even further. The amount of time potentially wasted directly correlates to the frustration of medical professionals, the size of the backlog, and the outcomes patients can expect.

Crucially, hidden costs and complexities directly affect patients. The HSJ recently reported a Trust’s admission that ‘patients suffered harm’ due to the huge follow-ups backlog. Meanwhile, data from The Telegraph shows the number of patients waiting to start treatment in England is 7.7 million and growing. Trusts need an urgent intervention and change to ways of working and reporting. A slow, expensive implementation process only creates yet another delay – another drain on resources that takes away from positively affecting patient outcomes.

Medical speech recognition with no hidden costs

In the most objective terms, Augnito Spectra is cloud-hosted, voice-driven AI speech recognition with no hidden costs. Augnito Spectra runs on your existing desktops, tablets, smartphones and MacOS devices. It’s implemented fast with no need for on-premise infrastructure nor IT changes. And our emphasis on ease of use removes the hard-to-estimate cost of training and driving adoption. Users simply take a guided demonstration or click the solution’s own Product Tour button and get started straight away on any device they want.

At the same time, Augnito Spectra is designed to keep costs down over time. With over 99.9% accuracy for any accent and many medical specialities, Augnito eliminates the hidden costs of checking and proofing reports. And with a voice-driven AI engine, Augnito continually evolves – whether you’re adding new words like new drug names, or receiving free, constant updates as we introduce new features. You can see some of our latest updates in this short video.

Augnito Spectra delivers industry leading speech/voice recognition without hidden costs – and, as a cost-effective, intuitive to use, and accurate option, the benefits are easy to see.

Learn more about Augnito

See how Augnito Spectra is already delivering transformational value – with no hidden costs – for medical professionals across the UK. Request a demo to try Augnito Spectra for 7 days and see the benefits for yourself.

[London, 31 January 2023] – Scribetech has been re-appointed to the NHS Commercial Solutions Framework Agreement for the provision of digital dictation, speech/voice recognition, outsourced transcription and associated services in all four of the authority’s lots.

Scribetech (UK) Ltd has been re-awarded its third consecutive listing, since 2010, on the NHS Commercial Solutions Framework following the contracting authority’s comprehensive information gathering and tender evaluation process.

Scribetech will see its Textflow digital dictation solution and Augnito voice-AI speech recognition products offered to all NHS organisations.

The four lots under the NHS Commercial Solution framework agreement for which a product or services provider is invited to tender include: Products and/or Services Catalogue; In-house and Outsourced Digital Dictation Service Solution, Outsourced Transcription Service Solution, and Managed Service Solution.

Formed in 2007, and based in the South East of England, the NHS Commercial Solution Framework is a non-profit procurement shared services hub providing collaborative solutions and end-to-end services that combine data analytics and its dedicated category specialists’ in-depth knowledge of supply markets to address stakeholder needs. Categories include: corporate services, digital, estate and facilities, pharmacy, workforce and staffing, and clinical. These services are offered and provided across the NHS and the wider public sector, supporting acute, mental health, community, ambulance trusts, and commissioning organisations.

To date, NHS Commercial Solutions has saved in excess of £230 million for its customers, based on year one project savings alone.

Scribetech has long been recognised as a pioneering clinical transcription services and medical documentation company that has consistently ranked top on multiple NHS Framework contracts since 2005. “We are extremely pleased with the NHS Commercial Solutions award. It validates not only Scribetech’s vision and our digital dictation technology and voice-AI capabilities, but the ability to provide NHS organisations with cost-effective solutions that really do address many of the core issues that confront medical professionals on the healthcare frontline, such as improving efficiency and accuracy, as well as optimising clinical workflows, resources and budgets.” commented Shiraz Austin, Co-Founder of Augnito and Managing Director at Scribetech (UK) Ltd.

“Scribetech was founded to provide acutely accurate, efficient, cost-effective, outsourced and in-house services and technology to support NHS clinical transcription. Augnito was developed as a result of 20 years of hands-on-experience delivering such services. Combining our digital dictation, transcription and speech recognition voice-AI offering as an augmented clinical administration solution is where we believe NHS organisations will start to see their digital transformation garnering the positive results they critically need across all care departments” concluded Austin.


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