[London, 18 May 2023] – Augnito Voice Services™ will integrate with Intelerad’s InSight PACS reporting, equipping clients with accessible, advanced speech recognition technology that simplifies patient care.

This new integration partnership will provide Intelerad clients with increased voice recognition options, giving them access to a pioneering, cloud-based product that helps ensure clients are not limited to one voice recognition platform and the risks associated with that dependence.
Intelerad Cloud is a menu of expertly cloud-engineered solutions designed to optimise the benefits of Cloud technology and scalability potential without sacrificing the performance of onsite architecture. Proudly vendor-neutral, Intelerad, is integrating its products with multiple technologies which fit with its cloud-based strategy, Augnito being the most recent. These can assist with the Cloud First strategy by utilising the Cloud for disaster recovery, image exchange and long-term archiving, and this latest addition is another way Intelerad is providing the latest cloud innovations and future resilience required by its clients.

Augnito can be used with a speech microphone or even through an app on a smartphone, making it faster and easier for radiologists and clinicians to diagnose critical conditions where every second counts, leading to better outcomes for patients.

Shiraz Austin, Managing Director at Scribetech (UK) Ltd and Co-Founder of Augnito stated, “Intelerad is a best-in-class provider of medical imaging software with a mission statement that dovetails very well into our own – where technology is developed to impact healthcare in a positive way and where making more time for patient care is paramount. Our partnership agreement solidifies the solution strategies of both organisations, and we’re excited that our secure, cloud-based, voice-powered AI speech recognition technology, Augnito, will play an important role in achieving this. Through the use of Augnito technology, Intelerad can empower radiologists to deliver reporting when and where it’s needed to keep the patient journey and clinical workflows moving.”

Intelerad is exploring integrating Augnito into other products in its portfolio, Arron Edwards, Managing Director of Intelerad, commented, “Intelerad is excited to be able to add the class-leading, cloud-based speech engine from Augnito into our fully featured rich reporting solution, which is built into InSight PACS. Our UK engineering team have worked hand-in-hand with the Augnito engineering team at Scribetech, leading to an incredibly successful integration which will ensure that we can continue to offer a best-in-class solution for our clients.”

Intelerad & Scribetech – Left to Right: Shiraz Austin – Managing Director, Scribetech (UK) Ltd. and Co-Founder of Augnito; Jonathan Whitmore – Director of Global Expansion, Scribetech (UK) Ltd.; Jamie Hunter – Chief of Staff, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, Intelerad Medical Systems; Liam Neill – Director of Sales, UK and Ireland, Intelerad Medical Systems.

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Clare Dawe, Marketing Manager, Insignia Medical Systems powered by Intelerad
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Intelerad is one of the leading providers of medical imaging software and services for the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and Montreal, Quebec, Intelerad has over 900 employees located in offices across six countries. Nearly 2,500 healthcare organizations around the world rely on Intelerad products to manage patient data, helping them reduce time and workload while improving patient outcomes. Intelerad’s award-winning enterprise imaging solutions have been recognized globally by KLAS, with Intelerad’s Ambra Health ranked #1 in Image Exchange for eight consecutive years. To learn more, visit intelerad.com.

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Augnito is a secure, cloud-based, AI-driven clinical speech recognition product suite. It offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device with 99.3% accuracy, support for multiple medical specialties, and no need for voice profile training. Augnito brings seamless speech recognition to daily workflows and third-party clinical systems, turning medical information into clinical documentation and making healthcare intelligence securely accessible wherever it’s needed. Augnito was co-developed by Scribetech, a clinical voice solutions innovator, fusing 20 years of transcription and digital dictation services to the NHS, speech-to-text, and clinical coding solutions for the healthcare sector, and its own speech recognition engine with advanced voice AI technology. Follow us on Linked-In.


Technology has a vital role to play as the radiology profession continues to recover from the impact of the pandemic, workforce shortages, backlogs and changing ways of working. The cloud will be key in maximising productivity gains as radiologists and NHS Trusts look for more efficient ways of working.

For years, it’s been clear that radiology is a department in need of change. Long before the pandemic, the profession was notoriously understaffed, creating a steadily growing studies backlog, year after year. Meanwhile, it was becoming increasingly clear that legacy imaging systems, with their on-premise, hard to access data, would soon become untenable.

The events of 2020 changed life, work and healthcare on a global scale. Suddenly, the idea of radiologists working remotely, and in some cases from home, became a reality. Trends that were already in motion accelerated – and the backlogs grew even further out of control.

The spark of much needed modernisation was lit – and acceleration to digital transformation became a reality.

Modernising diagnostics throughout the NHS

In November 2021, the UK Government announced significant funding to modernise and digitise diagnostics. This was in addition to a Spending Review promise of £2.3 billion to transform diagnostic services across England.

The stated goal of this funding was clear: to increase efficiency by saving staff time, making data sharing easier, and speeding up patient treatment as a result.

In radiology specifically, this funding was pledged to be focused on sharing scans across settings, improving how scans are requested, and enabling radiologists to report on scans remotely.

How can these diverse targets be met in a way that helps government funding and taxpayer money go further? What kind of new technology can become the bedrock of transformation for radiology? Furthermore, how can this technology become a seamless part of the workflow, not just for radiologists, but also in how medical departments and disciplines interact?

Removing old processes and obstacles is only part of the answer. Using a solution that offers portability, connectivity and flexibility towards how radiologists now need to work in the post pandemic digital era provides a more holistic approach.

Improving the core workflow of radiologists

A key barrier to radiologist productivity is unwieldy and out of date software that makes reporting on images more obtuse and time consuming than it needs to be. Replacing such with an AI-driven speech recognition (SR) and voice transcription system is a powerful way to make day-to-day reporting more efficient, by:

  • Enabling radiologists to easily dictate reports with extreme accurate results and little to no editing required
  • Delivering an intuitive, easy to use interface for transcription
  • Automating repetitive tasks through macros and auto-texts

As a simple replacement for manual transcription services, a voice-AI SR like Augnito creates considerable time savings for radiologists. As a result, they’re able to keep pace with a sizable workload – and reduce the backlogs created by the pandemic and working from home.

Taking speech recognition benefits everywhere

Crucially, Augnito was built in partnership with radiologists and around the clear, urgent need to make reporting more flexible, scalable and secure. The pandemic demonstrated that work from home was possible. But remote access is also a way for radiologists to work however and whenever they need to.

Augnito is a 100% cloud-hosted solution, available anywhere, bringing highly accurate speech recognition to smartphones, tablets and browser-based applications. With Augnito, radiologists can work securely from home – or anywhere else – while avoiding the need for complex and cumbersome locally installed applications, which often tie up IT resources.

At the same time, a cloud speech recognition solution helps Trusts use their funding effectively and achieve their digital transformation goals sooner and with greater ease. There’s no need for costly, complex changes to infrastructure, or ongoing maintenance and updates. A hosted solution is ready to use immediately, then backed by ongoing centralised management.

Speech recognition has helped radiologists work more efficiently for years. Now, cloud-hosted speech recognition empowers radiologists to work not just faster and more accurately, but with unlimited flexibility and peace of mind around security and compliance, including, GDPR and PID regulations. All while making change simple and risk-free for Trusts and healthcare providers, with a solution that can be securely provisioned in-line with a secure IT strategy.

Going beyond the radiology department

Radiologists themselves are at the core of how imaging and reporting is changing. But they also have an important role to play as part of a wider diagnostic process where information flows from GPs to radiologists and back again.

With this in mind, the connectivity and availability of radiology data is a fundamental requirement for digital transformation to be impactful – providing the holistic approach we touched on earlier.

Augnito can also be deeply integrated with other clinical and reporting technologies, using the Augnito API and SDK intergration tools.

Through integration, our industry leading SR engine can become an integral part of the entire healthcare clinical reporting path:

  • Enabling GPs to report directly into their patient admin system in primary care
  • Sending referral letters through to other specialised physicians/clinicians
  • Working hand-in-hand with EMR/EPRs
  • Returning patients and reports back to GPs and any follow-up community or mental health support

In many cases, we already have relationships with the leading providers to make Augnito integration faster and more straightforward. Similarly, we’ve built strong relationships across teleradiology, bolstering the ability to deliver SR to outsourced radiologists also helping to clear NHS backlogs.

In this way, Augnito isn’t just supporting radiologists individually – we are beginning to transform the entire field, as well as reaching out to the many other specialist professionals across healthcare.

A solution for every aspect of radiology reporting

Augnito is tailored to the challenges the profession is facing – and the big opportunities for change and improvement.

Accuracy is at the centre of what makes Augnito different. But it’s the quality of our solution and the sum of its many parts that makes it such a good fit for radiology’s continued transformation.

Augnito helps radiologists process their reporting more efficiently. It puts time savings in their hands, wherever they work – be it from hospitals or home. Augnito works out-of-the box with a range of intuitive apps and interfaces. It can also be deeply integrated with other clinical systems, extending the impact of its speech recognition benefits and empowering Trusts to save even more time and money. All from the same secure, cloud-based technology.

Speech recognition empowers radiologists to work more accurately, efficiently and deliver a higher quality of reporting. But unlocking these considerable performance benefits is only possible when a speech recognition solution is deeply integrated with how radiology departments want to work.

Despite new innovations in technology, many radiologists have been working in a certain way for years, even decades on end. The idea of outsourced transcription, which was deeply embedded, was subsequently replaced by early versions of speech recognition. Even while teleradiology is expected to continue its growth over the next few years, the day-to-day process for many radiologists is reassuringly familiar.

Speech recognition as a mature technology has evolved over the years, it now has the potential to redefine radiology, bringing new levels of accuracy, quality, speed and security. But maximising these performance gains takes a considered approach to integration. The most impactful solution is one that’s deeply integrated, bringing the best possible speech recognition engine to existing PACS/RIS workflows.

Integrating speech with ways of working

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a rise in new ways of working. In some areas, consultant clinical radiologists have been allowed to continue to work remotely at least part of the working week.

Today, radiology reporting mostly takes place in clinical settings – but also at a wide range of different locations, using different devices. For speech recognition to be adopted, it needs to be easily available everywhere.

Crucially, the right speech recognition solution will deliver a seamless experience on every device, as fully featured as possible to allow radiologists to work without limitations.

Augnito is a cloud-hosted speech recognition platform that’s already supported on multiple devices, including:

  • Desktops and laptops
  • Web browsers on any device
  • iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

As a result, radiologists can get the benefits of integrated speech recognition and word processing, wherever they need it.

Integrating speech with existing systems

A key benefit of speech recognition is reclaiming the time that would’ve been spent on manual or outsourced transcription. However, maximising this time saving is difficult when existing clinical systems slow the reporting process down.

Augnito includes an open API and SDK to integrate speech into any existing clinical system, as well as a Google Chrome plugin to enable speech in web-based software. This extends the time saving potential beyond Augnito itself and into every part of the radiology workflow.

Already, Augnito is being used by radiology specialists in a range of different platforms. The Augnito API makes it possible to embed real-time speech into any platform, creating time savings for radiologists without requiring an entirely new way of working.

Making adoption fast and simple

Many new technologies ask people to invest a lot of time and energy now for savings far into the future. Augnito is different, with a focus on a simple, seamless user experience from day one and savings that can be measured immediately.

Out of the box, Augnito is already built for a wide variety of radiology and clinical terminology. It supports any accent, delivering 99.3% accuracy instantly – with no need for time-consuming voice profile training.

At the same time, Augnito is quick to implement for technical and IT teams. As a cloud-hosted solution, there’s no need to make changes to existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, ongoing updates are seamlessly handled by the Augnito team in the cloud, avoiding the need to change individual user workstations and reporting devices.

The impact of Augnito on radiology performance

Deeply integrated to clinical workflows – and radiologist preferences – Augnito delivers more than accurate speech recognition. It impacts the way radiologists work and report for a measurable increase in wellbeing, standards, and patient outcomes.

Compared to typing, Augnito records patient data five times faster. Augnito also includes advanced options to push this time saving even further.

Macros allow for customisable ‘auto texts’, where standard phrases and blocks of text can be inserted by voice at the cursor, without the need to dictate in full. This reduces the input time for radiologists, so they can focus on the more complex terminology.

Meanwhile, templates enforce a regulated, structured way of reporting, so radiologists can create reports in a standardised format that’s easily shared and understood by colleagues. These reports can also be built around wider approved guidelines and unified standards, creating a further time saving and efficiency increase.

The next generation of speech recognition

With fewer radiologists, more time on site, and increasing backlogs of reports, speech has the power to deliver instant performance increases. But legacy speech recognition, without deep integration, still places a significant burden on radiologists.

As data is moved from one system to another, re-keyed by hand, or copied and pasted into the appropriate field, clinical risk is created. Only an integrated solution can remove the manual handling, preserve accuracy, and empower radiologists to focus on reporting quality, not technology.

Augnito is designed to deliver the next generation of speech recognition – accurate, efficient, secure and integrated. It’s speech recognition at the forefront of AI, built to support the future of radiology.


[London, 15 March 2022] – Bespoke speech recognition technology, Augnito, aids Wellbeing Software with highly accurate Radiology Information System workflows.


Scribetech has announced the integration of its disruptive, AI-powered voice-driven speech recognition (SR) software, Augnito, into Wellbeing Software’s Radiology Information System, Cris. Wellbeing Software is a leading supplier of specialist clinical information solutions, enabling better patient care across hospital departments, including radiology and maternity.

Augnito is a secure and portable AI-driven clinical SR product suite that offers fast, effortless ways to capture live clinical data, on any device, with 99.3% accuracy. The SaaS cloud-based solution is proven to create highly accurate clinical records, improving everything from patient diagnosis to patient hospital stays. Radiology departments have been the earlier adopters and pioneers of speech recognition technology to accommodate the ever-increasing levels of a wide variety of diagnostic reporting and the ever-expanding modality spectrum.

Radiologists are again picking up the baton of technology and embracing AI, proven to do the heavy lifting of reporting as demand increases. Wellbeing Software is widely recognised as being at the forefront of this technology. Working with Augnito’s additional and specifically developed clinical API and SDK tools, the need for time-consuming localised maintenance and upgrades is reduced and can now all be done centrally in the cloud.

Adopting Augnito into Wellbeing’s Cris, the UK’s most widely used Radiology Information System (RIS), will provide significant benefits to radiologists, NHS Trusts, clinicians, and patients – including faster reporting and improved patient data, with the ability to reduce clinical risk through focused anchoring. Augnito also allows the radiologist to use multiple screens and other third-party applications securely without losing focus from the patient record.

In an industry suffering a shortfall of radiologists and an overwhelming increase in reporting due to mounting reporting backlogs, added to the ever present administrative tasks connected to the role, time saved through AI driven clinical reporting can now begin to ease the growing burden on the healthcare professional.

Augnito delivers AI driven speech-enablement and voice-driven capability to applications without the need of typing or transcription but with the added ability of use across mobile and desktop devices. Augnito technology carries Scribetech’s commitment to data accuracy along with an impressive 20-year strong relationship with the NHS. It brings speech recognition to the clinical healthcare professionals who need it the most, alleviating clinical risk, cutting costs and avoiding difficult and time-consuming upgrades to legacy systems.

Shiraz Austin, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Scribetech (UK) Ltd, said: “We are thrilled to announce this working partnership with Wellbeing – a truly symbiotic relationship. Augmenting workflows with cutting-edge technology can transform healthcare institutions to improve patient care across all departments.”

“In Radiology, this will improve the very essence of healthcare from diagnosis to treatment and recovery, while minimising errors and inaccuracies. We are confident that this, in turn, will allow for significant returns on investment and enable us to expand on our mission to provide high quality and accurate speech recognition across the continuum of care. We are aiming to build many more partnerships like this in the future and reach other clinical departments where patient care is a vital part of a healthcare professional’s work.”

Steve Avery, General Manager, UK Operations at Wellbeing Software, said: “We have been incredibly impressed with Augnito. Its use of AI creates a powerful yet lightweight product that can make clinicians more efficient and safer, therefore improving patient outcomes. It is a most-welcomed addition to our service offerings, and we are excited to pass these benefits onto our customers.”


For media enquiries, please contact [email protected].

About Scribetech and Augnito
Scribetech (UK) Ltd is a clinical voice solutions innovator, fusing 20 years of transcription and digital dictation services to the NHS, speech-to-text and clinical coding solutions for the healthcare sector, and its own speech recognition engine and advanced voice AI technology.

Augnito is Scribetech’s secure, cloud-based, AI-driven clinical speech recognition product suite. It offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device with 99% accuracy, support for multiple medical specialties, and no need for voice profile training. Augnito brings seamless speech recognition to daily workflows and third-party clinical systems, turning medical information into clinical documentation and making healthcare intelligence securely accessible everywhere. scribetech.co.uk/augnito-speechrecognition

About Wellbeing Software
Wellbeing Software is a leading healthcare technology provider in more than 75% of NHS organisations. The company combines extensive UK resources and unparalleled experience in specialist divisions – pathology, oncology, radiology, maternity, data management, and electronic health records. Its core business is to enable customers to build on existing IT investments to deliver connected healthcare records and better patient care.

Wellbeing’s ability to connect its specialist systems with other third-party software enables healthcare organisations to achieve critical objectives, such as paperless working and creating complete electronic health records. Through its established footprint, specialist knowledge, and significant development resources, the company builds the foundations for connectivity within NHS organisations and beyond. www.wellbeingsoftware.com